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Our Music Minister's Page

    From our Music Minister:
    Donnie Dillard

    In just a few years (if the good Lord tarries His coming), Pilgrim Rest will celebrate her 75th anniversary on April 4, 2018. For 72 years now, this precious "Church in the Wildwood" has been faithfully preaching, teaching and singing the praises of her Lord.
    There are many members who have attended Pilgrim Rest all of their lives. Some of these were "born" into this church while some have been a very special part of her humble beginnings since April 4, 1943. These members have been, and continue to be a great blessing and a faithful example to me and to the many ministries of this blood-bought church.
    The awesome power of God has been revealed to Pilgrim Rest as the "Sweet Holy Spirit" has moved in people's hearts and minds. This moving of the Spirit has and continues to change those who were and are willing to be "Seekers of Your Heart".
    In recent years, God has led many others to join in the battle for truth. In just the first year of the ministry of Bro. Steve and Sis. Ava Westbrook, 23 others were added through salvation, baptism, transfers of church letters and statements of faith. Bro. Rick and Lori Miller were two of those additions. His "I Love Jesus" attitude and spirit are very contagious and encouraging to all. Bro. Rick, who now serves as assistant music director, has added a very special touch with his bass guitar, his singing and piano playing. God continues to move mightily in our midst through powerful preaching, faithful teaching, consistent prayer and soul-stirring music.
    The Bible teaches us that we love Christ "because He first loved us". May this wonderful, God-fearing, God-honoring, church continue to "Praise Him! Praise Him! Ever in Joyful Song!" May everything we do, say, or sing be for the love of Christ and His Kingdom.
    As music director, I am often amazed at the leading and moving of the Holy Spirit. There is definitely a "Sweet, Sweet Spirit in This Place". It is a great joy and privilege to lead the worship here. At the same time, I find it very humbling and a great responsibility.
    Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, I thank you for this honor.
    Bro. Donnie Dillard