How to be Saved.
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Our Pastor's Page
    I am honored and so thankful to be serving as pastor of Pilgrim Rest. It is a gift from God. I have never been a part of such a loving, joyful, God-honoring church. God appointed me as pastor here in July 2012. My wife Ava and I have been in the ministry over thirty-three years. We had the amazing adventure of serving as missionaries in Romania for two years, but never have we enjoyed anything more than working with the wonderful people of Pilgrim Rest. They believe the Bible and strive to live it! God has accepted their offering of themselves, their talents, their possessions, and hopes and dreams, and He is blessing, breaking, and multiplying them to lead many to Jesus in these last days.
    God is saving souls, changing lives, strengthening families and supporting missionaries and mission work in many places around the world through the ministry of the faithful and talented people of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church. Come join us in claiming God's promises! In Numbers 10:29 God's people said, "we are setting out for the place of which the Lord said, 'I will give it to you!' Come with us, and we will do you good; for the Lord has promised good things to Israel." Come with us, and we will do you good.

    From Pastor Steve Westbrook to our Church Members:

    Precious Brothers, Sisters and Friends,
    It is one of the greatest joys and honors of my life to be serving as the pastor of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church. God placed us here through the leadership of His Spirit and the call of the church in July of 2012. I have no doubt it is by God's divine appointment that Ava and I are here, and our joy is growing day by day in seeing God work in amazing ways in this church.
    The love, unity and righteousness that prevail at Pilgrim Rest are constant testimonies to the commitment of her members to walk in the Spirit of God, according to the clear commandments of His Holy Word. God has blessed us greatly through the exciting process of souls being saved, baptized and added as members to this church body. Then He blesses us further as we watch them grow in grace, knowledge and service.
    It is such a wonderful blessing that Pilgrim Rest has a wide range of age groups. We benefit from the rich wisdom and experience of the older members; the strong hard-working leadership of the middle-agers; the energy and talent of young adults; and the excitement and joy of the young people and our children. It gives me great joy as pastor to see all of you working together as a body in worship, praise and service to our Savior; and helping to shine throughout this world the gospel light of His Holy Word concerning salvation, worship and joyful service in His wonderful kingdom.
    I want to encourage each of you to continue to walk by faith, step by step, trusting in Jesus Christ, who died for each moment of our lives. One of my favorite Bible verses is Galations 2:20:
      "I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."
    Jesus died for us to give us the power to live for Him. We receive that power moment by moment, step by step, as we walk by faith, trusting in Him who died for us.
    As you have heard me say often, "Please pray for me." I am praying for each one of you and stand ready to do whatever I can to help you grow in grace, knowledge and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Your Pastor,
    Steve Westbrook